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SportConnexin™ - Pure Electrolytes for Optimal Performance

Essential Supplements

  • Improve Endurance
  • Speed Muscle Recovery
  • Prevent Cramping
  • Prevent Injury
  • Maximize Energy and mental focus
  • Flexible Dosing

Every hour of exercise, we lose minerals critical for the proper functioning of our body—calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and zinc. Additionally, during intense exercise we generate acids that impair performance and health. As an athlete, you have to be particularly concerned with pH balance (acidity/alkalinity) because you regularly place yourself under intense physical stress and may lack the essential nutrients for proper maintenance of your cells, tissues and organs. A deficit in these nutrients combined with mineral loss/dehydration, can lead to metabolic acidosis and thickening of the blood, which results in decreased oxygen delivery to tissues. Being alkaline facilitates proper cellular, kidney, muscular and cardiac function.

Each dose of SportConnexin™ was scientifically developed to replace the essential minerals you sweat out each hour of rigorous exercise and help maintain proper pH balance to neutralize metabolic acids and improve athletic performance, prevent cramping and speed muscle recovery. These highly bio-available minerals also help prevent serious conditions including bone demineralization, and heart irregularities that may occur with training and competition.

Superior results are based on SportConnexin’s exclusive formulation of lactate and bicarbonate forms of minerals. Lactates are highly absorbable and can be used by your cells as a natural energy source. Bicarbonate helps to neutralize acid production, whereas the chloride form found in most performance products are acid forming. SportConnexin™ does NOT contain sugar, caffeine, artificial sweeteners or additives. With SportConnexin™ you get exactly what you need so your mind and body can perform optimally hour after hour.

SportConnexin™ Usage Instructions

Take 3 SportConnexin™ capsules before starting exercise. Take 3 capsules each additional hour of exertion to maintain proper pH balance and hydration. To maximize results, prime your body daily with MineralConnexin™ and MultiConnexin™ supplements and replenish during rigorous exercise with SportConnexin™.

Note: Electrolyte depletion varies from athlete to athlete; we suggest doing your own trials with SportConnexin™ to determine your individual dosing requirements. We recommend measuring your urine pH (pH test strips available) during training sessions to determine how many SportConnexin™ capsules per hour result in a 6.5-7.5 urine pH.


Essential Supplements

"The biggest advantage SportConnexin has over other electrolyte replacement products is that it is formulated to match exactly what I sweat out. I take 3 capsules like clockwork every hour, regardless of conditions. I feel that I don't get the "burn" and fatigue in my muscles that I did before I used SportConnexin. I've never had a problem with cramps while on the product, and I feel like my muscles are getting what they need in order have smooth contractions, which make all the difference when running the distances that I run.."

—Kami Semick, ultra marathon runner and winner of the 2009 100K World Cup

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