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Essential Supplements Overview

Essential SupplementsTo offset mineral and vitamin deficiencies in our diet and environment, supplementation is a critical element of The Molecular Fitness Lifestyle. You may be wondering, why are we deficient? Simply put, our nutrition has changed with the development of agriculture and the domestication of animals. This has lead to a depletion of essential minerals and important vitamins in our soil and water and consequently in our fruits, vegetables and animal products. Our biochemistry and biophysics have not been able to adapt to these changes as rapidly as they have occurred. As a consequence, most of us are deficient in essential minerals and vitamins and studies show that these deficiencies can lead to osteoporosis, high blood pressure, stroke and other serious illnesses.

Scientifically formulated by Dr. Tanelian and laboratory tested, MineralConnexin and MultiConnexin supplements work together to give your body the essential minerals and vitamins it requires PLUS connexin enhancers so that you can perform optimally every day and help promote long-term wellness.

When you take MineralConnexin™ and MultiConnexin™ daily you get all the essentials your body needs and in most cases taking additional supplements is not necessary. Note: If you take prescription medicine or you are pregnant consult your healthcare professional before starting a new dietary supplement.

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