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About Molecular Fitness

Two cells connected
by a connexin molecule

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The Molecular Fitness Lifestyle™ is a science-based preventative and restorative
program, the first to address health and wellness at the molecular level. The
goal is achieving and maintaining optimal wellness from the inside out. The
focus is on optimizing connexin function. Connexin molecules (also known as
Gap Junctions) are found on every cell in your body and when they are open,
they can connect your cells together and enable cell-to-cell communication
(see Connexin College Course 101 for detailed description). Continuous cellular
communication helps to promote a stronger, healthier mind and body and may reduce
the risk of the following 8 major diseases:

Molecular Fitness is based on the disease prevention research of Darrell L. Tanelian M.D., Ph.D., integrating over 8000 peer-reviewed scientific and medical research studies done at leading institutions throughout the world on the connexin molecule and its association with the above diseases. Dr. Tanelian asserts that connexin dysfunction results from unhealthy lifestyle choices but can be restored over time by adopting a connexin-optimizing lifestyle of enhanced nutrition, essential supplements, exercise, and self-monitoring. Dr. Tanelian received his M.D. and Ph.D. from Stanford University and has been a professor at Stanford University and the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School in neuroscience, bio-medical engineering, neurology, anesthesiology and pain management.

There are six elements of The Molecular Fitness Lifestyle™