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Molecular Fitness Membership Options

Ready to feel and perform your best everyday? Ready to take your health and disease prevention seriously? There are several ways to get started on the path to Molecular Fitness, select the one that is right for you. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact ConnexinCare at 1-800-646-1022 x10 or

Empowerment Plan - Our Best Deal
Empowerement Plan

We strongly believe that your journey to Molecular Fitness starts with this first and most important step. Maximize your chance for success with this premier plan. Our best deal is specifically designed to provide you with everything you need—at a special price. All of your monitoring equipment and supplies, website access, essential connexin-enhancing supplements, and more are included to accelerate you on the path to Molecular Fitness and optimal wellness. See below for the full list of benefits.

Click here to purchase $299.00 (over $400 value)

Introductory Plan

Try Before You Buy

If you are not quite ready to measure your blood pressure, heart rate and blood glucose, order the Introductory Plan. Get on the road to optimal health and performance by taking MineralConnexin™ and MultiConnexin™ essential supplements, learning to eat connexin enhancing foods and measuring your pH (acidity/alkalinity level) which is a reflection of your diet and an important measure of your molecular health. Track your pH on myPHIT, gain access to our library of delicious tried and true connexin-enhancing recipes, join the discussion board and much more at

Click here to purchase $149.00

Mineral Plan

Mineral Plan

Get started on the Molecular Fitness program by taking MineralConnexin™, our exclusive blend of essential minerals, learning to eat connexin enhancing foods and measuring your pH (acidity/alkalinity level). Track your pH on myPHIT, gain access to our library of delicious tried and true connexin-enhancing recipes, join the discussion board and much more at The Mineral Plan helps optimize athletic performance and recovery and addresses many health concerns such as high blood pressure, bone health and energy.

Click here to purchase $89.00

Website Membership
Website Membership

Learn more with ConnexinCollege courses and RadioConnexin, join the discussion board, create your myPHIT health profile and manage your health records. Be a part of our growing molecularly fit community! See Website benefits below.

Click here to purchase $99.00/year



With you GET:

  • 24/7 access to myPHIT (My Personal Health Information Tracker™) enabling you to measure Molecular Fitness Lifestyle progress:
    • Easily track and trend your key health vitals--blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, pH and body mass index (the necessary self-monitoring devices come in the Empowerment Pack)
    • Graphically watch your health stats change as you live the Molecular Fitness Lifestyle™.
    • Store and manage your personal medical records and physician information.
    • Track and trend your annual Panel 20 results (note: the Panel 20 is done by your Physician or Lab)
    • Maintain a daily log to record health and fitness changes
  • Unlimited access to all ConnexinCollege™ online courses. They are interactive, informative and fun!
  • A personalized ConneXercise™ fitness program created by expert trainers that you can take to the gym.
  • Exciting ConnexinCommunity™ features including RadioConnexin programs, a discussion board to share your experiences and learn from others, health tips and more.
  • Access to our library of delicious ConnexinCuisine™ recipes. See how tasty and easy it is to eat healthy connexin-enhancing meals!
  • Unlimited ConnexinCare support via phone, fax and e-mail to answer your and Molecular Fitness Lifestyle related questions and inquiries.


In the Empowerment Pack you GET:

  • Dr. Tanelian’s groundbreaking book Molecular Fitness: The Connexin Connection to Optimal Health
  • FREE website membership for 13 weeks
  • Automatic blood pressure and heart rate monitor (Omron or Homedics, based on availability)
  • True Track Smart System™
  • Blood Glucose Monitor with Test Strips by Home Diagnostics, Inc.
  • Pack of 100 pH strips
  • MineralConnexin™ essential supplement (30 day supply)
  • MultiConnexin™ essential supplement (30 day supply)
  • ConnexinTea™ sample pack
  • A myPHIT™ data entry notepad so that you can easily record your health vitals
  • A HealthConnexin polycarbonate sport bottle with measurements to easily mix and drink MineralConnexin™
  • A guide to The Molecular Fitness Lifestyle™
  • All packaged in a HealthConnexin gym bag