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Holistic Primary Care Spring 2007 Article on The Connexin Molecule
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Molecular Fitness Provider Testimonials

Mike Leahy, DC, CCSP, Active Release Techniques® Founder

ART providers are in the business of helping people do the impossible. Conditions that people resign themselves to living with can now be treated and resolved. The same goes for Molecular Fitness, a program that anyone can do easily. Molecular Fitness is a proactive, preventative and restorative program that enhances cellular communication and connectivity to improve injury and wound healing, which in turn assists us in our treatment programs. This program can help millions of people lead a healthier life. I personally benefit from Molecular Fitness with greater endurance and energy and find myself recommending the program to almost every patient I have.

Allen Manison, DC, Active Release Techniques® Instructor

Molecular Fitness offers patients a comprehensive system that is easy to follow, helps reduce the likelihood of inflammatory processes, and nurtures cells so that they may function at their optimal level. Giving the body what it needs is a vital part of the overall body healing process. If the body is acidic, healing will be adversely affected. Dr. Tanelian's approach helps even the playing field so the body can work the way it is supposed to! I used to have really bad seasonal allergies in the Spring, but this year, I had no problems at all. The only thing that I changed in my lifestyle/diet was adding Healthconnexin’s MineralConnexin and MultiConnexin. Having access to Dr. Tanelian is also an immeasurable asset; going straight to the source for patient related questions has been very helpful and my patients really appreciate the personal touch.

Arnie Glenn, DC, Active Release Techniques® Instructor

I have been on Molecular Fitness for the past 6 months with the primary goal of eliminating atrial fibrillation, which has been intermittent for the past 8-10 years. To date, and this has been with steadfast compliance, I can honestly say that the arrhythmias have decreased in frequency and duration (length of time if and when I do go into a-fib). In other words, I cardiovert to a normal sinus rhythm in a shorter period of time. A secondary benefit is that I can now tolerate a glass of quality red wine (good PRAL value) occasionally without the alcohol initiating A-fib. I'm still working on achieving an increased heart rate during intense exercise without going into A-Fib. Perhaps another 6 months. Thanks Dr. Tanelian and molecular fitness for getting me back on the sauce again.

Durlan Castro, DC, Active Release Techniques® Instructor

I feel quite amazing on the Molecular Fitness program. I’m training for a big bodybuilding show and usually by now I’m running out of steam and feeling very tired. Since starting the program however, I'm feeling an endless supply of energy and finding it easier to lose fat. My energy and focus during my workouts is like I've never felt before! Taking MineralConnexin and MultiConnexin is the only thing I'm doing different so I know they are working.

Jan Wanklyn, DC, Active Release Techniques® Instructor

Over the last two years, I struggled to resume my training after knee surgery; I would increase my mileage and then breakdown. I started using Molecular Fitness in February of 2007 and I was able to train for an Ironman race, work full time and make the start line for Ironman Austria in July 2007. I feel the connexin-enhancing program made a difference with regards to my recovery from training sessions and helped to "heal" on a cellular level what was previously causing me to breakdown. It seems to have provided me with the missing link for consistent steady training. I am excited to be a part of the Ironman field again after my unscheduled hiatus. My Ph level is now a steady 7.5 which it was not prior to taking this product. Thanks to Dr. Tanelian and the team at Molecular Fitness.

Tamar Gamliel DC, Active Release Techniques® Provider

I really believe Molecular Fitness made the difference in my training for the 2007 New York City marathon. I ran the Los Angeles marathon in 2004 with a finishing time of 3:28. I ran two more marathons after LA, training hard and seeking improvement only to shave two minutes off my 3:28 time; until I ran NY. I trained the same way I had always trained, however, three months before the NY marathon I started the Molecular Fitness program. At first, my pH was a 5.5. After changing to an alkalinizing diet and supplementing with MineralConnexin and MultiConnexin, my pH stayed at 7.5 consistently. As a result, I found that I was able to bounce back after a hard workout and I was more energized instead of being zapped from my high mileage. I ran NY in 3:18, a personal record!! And I recovered in half the time it took in the past. Now I can set my sights on the next race!

Bill Neumann, patient of Dr. Allen Manison, DC

I’m a 58-year old software consultant whose hobby is racing road bicycles from March to October in the Mid-Atlantic area. I’ve been using the Molecular Fitness supplements for 8 months and I couldn’t be happier with my results. My pH has gone from an average of 5.5 to a consistent 7.5 throughout the day. I’ve lost the extra fat around my belt-line and lowered my body fat into single digits. My athletic recovery during rides and between rides has noticeably improved. My sleep quality has also improved and my entire quality of life is just plain better. I’ve lost my craving for sweets and my body just enjoys healthy food more than it ever has. Congratulations to Dr. Tanelian and Molecular Fitness!