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  • Is Molecular Fitness a new marketing gimmick?
    Not at all. Molecular fitness is a state of enhanced molecular function that you can achieve through
    your lifestyle choices such as nutrition, exercise and stress reduction. Specifically, we aim to enhance
    your connexin molecule function which in turn will enhance cellular and organ function and lead to
    enhancement of your entire body’s function and ultimately your performance
  • Is Molecular Fitness right for me?
    Yes, definitely. Molecular Fitness is right for everyone at every stage of life.
  • Are MineralConnexin™ and MultiConnexin™ contra-indicated with any medication?
    They could be as with all vitamins and supplements. This is a very complicated question
    and depends not only on what medications you currently take, but also upon your specific underlying
    medical condition(s). Therefore, if you have any questions it is important to consult your physician directly.
  • How does Connexin Complete fit with my current supplement regimen?
    ConnexinComplete is actually as the name states, a complete regimen of daily multivitamin and mineral
    supplements. This product is not only a complete connexin enhancing supplement, but more over the
    combination of MineralConnexin and MultiConnexin includes all of the vitamins essential for good health
    as does your complete multi-vitamin supplement, and all of the essential minerals for good health and the
    prevention of disease, in the required daily amounts.
  • How is this wellness program different from pH enhancing programs?
    The HealthConnexin program improves your body’s pH (alkalinizes you). Maintaining an alkalinized
    state is important because it can enhance antioxidant and polyphenol effectiveness in your body
    and directly optimizes your connexin function. But, this is only a small part of its benefits.
    The HealthConnexin program provides for all your vitamin and mineral requirements, improves and
    enhances your nutrition, fitness, mental state and your overall performance.
  • Will I lose weight?
    Yes, if you do not consume more food (calories) and do not decrease your level of activity.
    By following the HealthConnexin Program you will enhance your thyroid hormone function at the
    cellular level, as it was meant to be – this will allow you to naturally break-down fat easier.
  • When will I start feeling the benefits?
    Virtually immediately. In fact, by self-monitoring your vitals you should be able to measure real
    improvements within a day or two.
  • What is the best way to take MineralConnexin™?
    There is no one way to take it as many people prefer different beverages consumed at different times
    of the day. New MineralConnexin™ Lite contains citric acid to help it dissolve better in beverages. Mix the packet(s) in 8 - 16 oz (or more) of your choice of beverage and shake or stir well. MineralConnexin™ and MineralConnexin™ Lite are both served best in cold beverages sipped throughout the day. Initially it is a good idea to drink the minerals on a full stomach and throughout the day to minimize possible GI effects. Once your body is accustomed to the MineralConnexin you will get into a routine and be able to drink it more quickly if desired or at any time of the day.
  • How often should I monitor my vitals?
    As often as you like. Once a day is good and easy to do, but it is not necessary for most of us
    unless you have a specific reason: for example, you have high blood pressure and are taking
    medication, or you are diabetic and on medication. Initially, when changing one’s diet following
    pH measurements once to twice a day is good to do as serves learning and reinforcing tool to help
    learn the effects of food on your body. In general blood pressure and heart rate can be measured once
    a week and weight and blood glucose once a month. Recording this data will allow you to trend these vital
    parameters and know how you are doing over time.
  • I am pregnant, should I take Mineral and MultiConnexin™?
    Because pregnancy impacts everyone differently we recommend consulting your physician first if you are pregnant or contemplating pregnancy.
  • I am planning to get pregnant, can I take MineralConnexin™ and MultiConnexin™?
    Because pregnancy impacts everyone differently we recommend consulting your physician first if you are pregnant or contemplating pregnancy.
  • Can I give MineralConnexin™ and MultiConnexin™ to my childrens?
    These products are developed for adults ages 18+. Yes, we believe it’s important for kids to get
    open and connected early in their life, but children can differ greatly in size so it is important to
    consult your children’s Pediatrician before supplementing them.
  • My dog accidentally ate a mineral pack, should I be concerned?
    No, in fact your dog will be feeling better than ever, unless of course he/she ate the wrapper.
    That might cause a moment of discomfort. For the minerals and vitamins, though, PetConnexin™
    is on the way!
  • If I miss a day or more of supplements, what happens?
    Nothing. There are no adverse consequences to missing a few days of your supplements.
  • I have diabetes, is this program for me?
    You must consult your doctor if you have diabetes before any type of fitness program,
    diet or supplement regimen is started because of all the potential health conditions you have and
    medications you may be on.