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The Molecular Fitness ConneXercise Program

What ConneXercise is and does


ConneXercise™ uses Core Ball Training (CBT) to make personal gains in core and body strength, to create endurance for cardio health, for ultimate flexibility through movement and breathing and finally to set a new tone for relaxation in order repair the body, mind and spirit. Exercise and active living absolutely enhance connexin function and increase muscle mass, endurance, bone density and mental focus. ConneXercise is a hybrid of personal training and online video training. There are many fitness websites offering downloadable exercise routines but ConneXercise™ sets the gold standard by providing you with a program that you will actually do. Core Ball Training is simple, easy, fast and fun to do at home, at work or at the gym. The online videos and printable anatomical drawings provide all the tools and helpful reminders you will ever need. And the Elite 18 CBT Exercises are right on the ball to make it even simpler to know what to do. You can track your success through the myPHIT Dashboard and utilize this as your accountability system so that you will feel and see results.

One of the six elements of The Molecular Fitness Lifestyle™, exercise plays a vital role in any nutritional and wellness program. Through Core Ball Training, ConneXercise™ offers Molecular Fitness members a well rounded exercise plan incorporating Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Relaxation as its key components.

Elements of ConneXercise

  • Core Ball Online Trainer: Once you have registered and logged in, you have access to the “Elite 18 Exercises” and the powerful video trainer that fully details the exercises through very clear video and audio clips
  • Through the 4 elements of CBT and the Elite 18 Exercises one will achieve success. Click on the related tabs to see the ever expanding Activity Lists and Active Living Choices that will complement your ConneXercise Program
  • Strength: Strength training comes from core work. Core Ball Training addresses the abs, back, arms and legs as well as balance and focus
  • Endurance: Endurance, or cardio-fitness is achieved through CBT as well as active living choices
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is gained through CBT workouts but a little known fact is that flexibility comes from active exercise more so that from passive stretching
  • Relaxation: Relaxation is the body’s recovery and the opportunity for proper growth and repair

  • There is a difference between exercise and activity. The ConneXercise Program combines a fitness program with healthy active living choices. CBT inspires activity as a way to round out an exercise plan and inject fun into the workout plan

  • Top athletes and trainers in multiple professional sports have trained with CBT achieving great results. For unique testimonials click here
    • Mike Pelino – NY Rangers Assistant Coach
    • Mike Leahy – Developer of Active Release Techniques, Doctor of Chiropractic and veteran of over 28 Ironman races

Take advantage of the Core Ball Training ConneXercise Program starting today.