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The Molecular Fitness Corporate Program: Your Gateway to Corporate Health

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CorporateConnexin is a complete pro-active and measurable wellness program that is customized to employees and their families. Additionally, the program is easily scalable so that it can grow as your company grows.

CorporateConnexin was developed in order to extend its extremely effective preventative and restorative Molecular Fitness program to the corporate world. CorporateConnexin provides corporations with tools to empower employees to take an active role in improving their health, performance and productivity. Important elements of the CorporateConnexin wellness program include:

  • Collecting data to measure results and demonstrate value
  • Empowering employees to make informed health care decisions
  • Instilling employee accountability
  • Changing employee behavior
  • Evaluating progress and results

CorporateConnexin Objectives

  • Integrate wellness into the fabric of corporate and family life
  • Improve the health and well-being of the workforce and company
  • Improve mental and physical performance
  • Improve productivity
  • Help prevent disease
  • Improve/maintain positive employee morale
  • Reduce absenteeism, hospitalizations, doctor visits and prescription medicine costs associated with poor health habits
  • Combat rising healthcare costs

CorporateConnexin is designed to work with any sized company. The Program can be customized to best suit your company’s needs and we can work with your Human Resources team to determine your goals and implement the Program. CorporateConnexin consists of four phases:

  • Indentifying Corporate Requirements
  • Program Implementation
  • Measuring Results
  • Sustaining the Program

  • Call CorporateConnexin Mon - Fri between 8 am and 6 pm EST at 1-800-646-1022 x 60
  • Email and she will get back to you within 24
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