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The Molecular Fitness Athletic Performance Program

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  • Molecular Fitness is an all natural science based program that brings you the latest in sports performance technology. Click here to learn more about enhancing your athletic performance.
  • Performance / Athletic benefits include:
    • Increased endurance
    • Increased energy
    • Quicker recovery between training sessions
    • Muscle health
    • Support for growth hormone
    • Reduced joint and muscle pain
    • Enhanced healing and recovery from injury
  • Measuring your success has never been easier using the myPHIT dashboard that comes with your Molecular Fitness membership
    • Easy data entry
    • Immediate graphed results
  • Products are All Natural
    • MineralConnexin™ and MineralConnein Lite™ are all natural powdered blend of calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc in highly absorbable lactate and bicarbonate forms. The inclusion of citric acid to MineralConnexin Lite™ makes it dissolve better in water. Click here for more information
    • MultiConnexin™ is a complete multi vitamin combining 98 vitamins, trace minerals and more using only the highest quality ingredients and tested to strict standards
    • All the ingredients in the supplements are natural and do not include any banned substances for professional and Olympic level athletes
  • Professional and amateur athletes in numerous sports are already reaping the benefits and seeing great success. Runners, tennis players, golfers, triathletes and more have seen and sustained measurable results through the Molecular Fitness Program.
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  • The Molecular Fitness Athletic Program consists of:
    • Drinking MineralConnexin to replenish and restore your body with essential minerals
    • Taking MultiConnexin multi vitamins for essential nutrients
    • Eating an alkalinizing diet to help maintain a balanced pH level
    • Measuring key vitals on a regular basis to chart your success

There are several ways to start Molecular Fitness

  • Order Online
  • Call a ConnexinCare representative to discuss your goals and product needs. ConnexinCare can be reached Mon – Fri from 8 am to 6 pm EST by calling 1-800-646-1022 x 10 or emailing
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58-Year Old Software Consultant Bill Neumann Races to Better Quality of Life

Jen Toomey "I’m a 58-year old software consultant whose hobby is racing road bicycles from March to October in the Mid-Atlantic area. I’ve been using the Molecular Fitness supplements for 8 months and I couldn’t be happier with my results. My pH has gone from an average of 5.5 to a consistent 7.5 throughout the day. I’ve lost the extra fat around my belt-line and lowered my body fat into single digits. My athletic recovery during rides and between rides has noticeably improved. My sleep quality has also improved and my entire quality of life is just plain better. I’ve lost my craving for sweets and my body just enjoys healthy food more than it ever has. Congratulations to Dr. Tanelian and Molecular Fitness!"

Andrew Bouchier Qualifies for Boston Marathon with Molecular Fitness

Jen Toomey "I met Dr. Tanelian at an ART seminar last spring. The science behind Molecular Fitness made sense so I bought the Empowerment Pack. I decided to follow the Molecular Fitness recommendations and incorporated the MineralConnexin and MultiConnexin supplements into my regimen in preparation for the Hudson-Mohawk Marathon last October. While my running results in 10 km and half-marathons have generally been improving, my marathons had been wildly unpredictable. I train and prepare diligently for all my races but every time I ran a marathon there was a high probability that I would hit a wall - painfully. I had been searching for the missing piece that would enable me to parlay good half- marathon results into good marathon results. Molecular Fitness worked. The lactic acid problems that had plagued most of my marathons were gone. I was able to finish strong and I finally qualified for the Boston Marathon. This spring I'm going to Boston and rest assured Molecular Fitness will be with me as it is now integral to my training program."